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Associated Architects is an international design firm with extensive experience in master planning, feasibility studies, residential, commercial and hospitality, architectural and interior design.


• Step 1 is always LISTEN, WATCH and LEARN.
We Listen to our clients’ requirements and wishes. Such requirements are, as trivial as it may seem, different for each client. Sure, an investor is different from a family that wants to build their own residence but even clients motivated mostly by financial return do reflect in the building a part of themselves.
We Watch the site and its surrounding. What has been built around, how and why? How people use their buildings in the area, regardless if they are residential, commercial or hospitality buildings.
We Learn anything in relation to building in a specific site. Starting from the most used construction methods and their reasons, to the materials available, to the local building regulations.

• Step 2 is PROJECTION.
Any place has a history. Any construction changes that history. A successful design has to be able to satisfy the needs of its users way beyond after its construction is over. Building credible scenarios is an important part in creating solid basis for the design process.
We compare our work to the one of a tailor, the final product has to suit our Client perfectly. But unlike a dress it has to last way longer and in order to do so it has to incorporate as many future scenarios as possible. Think of maintenance, growing families, expanding companies, appreciation of real estate values, so on and so forth.

• Step 3 is the PROPOSAL
The Proposal phase involves the Client and the design team in a two way stream of information that aims to define the level of Suitability of the Preliminary design.
Contemporary representation techniques have been a blessing in reducing the gap between what the designers see and what the others see, the Client in primis.

When we look backwards at our portfolio, what ties our work together is not the architectural language or the techniques used – it is the process that guided us to that specific construction, from desert sands, to tropical beaches, to urban settings.

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